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Victoria Manganiello

Victoria Manganiello is an award-winning textile artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Named as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 for 2019, Victoria has received multiple international recognized grants and residency appointments and has exhibited her work throughout the USA and internationally, including at the Queens Museum, Museum of Art and Design, and the Tang Museum. She is also a professor of Textiles at NYU and Parson’s the New School. Exploring the intersections between materiality, technology, geography and storytelling, Victoria’s installation work, abstract paintings and kinetic sculptures are made meticulously with hand-woven textiles using hand-spun yarn and hand-mixed natural and synthetic color dyes alongside mechanical alternatives and modern technologies. 

Florica Zaharia

Before founding the first Textile Museum in Romania, Florica was the head Textile Conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, NY where she worked for 28 years. Find more on Florica at

Elissa Auther

Elissa is the Chief Curator at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, NY. With degrees in the history of art and women’s studies, Elissa’s scholarship explores the relationship between art and craft. Find more on Elissa at

Empowering Women Is Our Goal

Women simply don’t have as much access or opportunity to pursue the work they want to do. This is even truer in male-dominated industries like film and television, which is why, in developing this project, we decided to try to elevate as many female camera ops, audio techs, locations scouts and editors as possible and our goal is to have a fully female crew. We are curious how having a female dominant crew might change the process and outcome of filming and post-production, and what effect that presence may have on our subjects and their stories. We are an equal opportunity venture and want the best person for the job, but we are committed to seeking women to share and hone their skills with us.


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