The Format

“Woman Interwoven” will tell the stories of different women, each with a unique connection

to textiles. We plan to visit all corners of the world and introduce a large audience to women working in science labs, technology studios, farms, art galleries, garment factories, small villages and big cities. Following the format of popular series like Netflix’s “Chefs Table” or Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”, each 25min episode will introduce you to the magic and diversity of textiles through the story of one woman and her home country contextualized with scholars and experts.


We are developing relationships with specific women from around the world.

Natsai Chieza | Chemist
Chiara Vigo | Mystic
Sheila Hicks | Textile Artist
Nabe Kinjo | Aged Weaver
Honyada Serafi | Designer
Jane Michael | Amateur Crafter


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