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Victoria Manganiello

Sarah Moshman is our director. She is an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker with several shorts and 3 feature-length films under her belt. (The Empowerment Project, Losing Sight of Shore and NEVERTHELESS) Sarah's work is dedicated to gender equality and female empowerment, and she screens her work around the globe. Sarah is also a director for branded content working with companies like Mattel, AT&T, Tastemade, Ellen Digital and more. 

Victoria Manganiello is our executive producer and the show’s creator. She is an award winning installation and textile artist. Named as one of Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 for 2019, Victoria has exhibited her work throughout the world including in Taiwan, Bulgaria, Italy, Croaita, Australia, and throughout the USA. She is an adjunct professor of Textiles at NYU and Parson’s the New School.

Why now? As a nation, we are discussing issues of conscious consumption, gender equality, and ethics in the workplace more than ever before. ‘Woman Interwoven’ will use textiles as a way to explore those topics and to meditate on what they mean to us as a new generation.

Textiles touch every person’s life, no matter their gender, race, access, or faith. But textiles go beyond just the clothes we wear, as an increasing diversity of materials make their way into industrial settings, product manufacturing, medical tools and survival equipment. These are the textiles that protect, secure, adorn and signify our human life, yet their impact on our lives is largely unacknowledged. Why?


We believe that women’s roles in the construction and craft of textiles have left this topic ignored by mainstream audiences. But the link between women and textiles is a deeply woven and richly colored history, with fascinating, heartbreaking and moving stories to tell, which is why it is our mission to chronicle the women whose diverse voices and experience have long been and will continue into the future to be linked with the material.

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