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Indigo Day: Women's History Month Celebration

March 27th 2-5pm

DUMBO, Brooklyn

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Make color with us! Learn the basics of Indigo natural dye and get an update on Woman Interwoven's next steps. ​All are welcome and materials will be provided, but feel free to bring a t-shirt or anything you may want to dye. We will be accepting donations and all proceeds will go to the Woman Interwoven Docu-Series project.


Sewing Circuits

December 2021

DUMBO Arts, Brooklyn, NY


Learn the basics of circuitry by way of using soft materials like conductive yarns, sewable lights and flexible microcontrollers. 

Crocheting Coral Reef

December 2021

Tang Museum, Saratoga Springs, NY


A workshop and craft circle to crochet hyperbolic corals for the Saratoga Springs Satellite Reef, part of the worldwide Crochet Coral Reef project by Christine and Margaret Wertheim and the Institute For Figuring.

How Art Gets Made: Textile Month

September 2021

New York Public Library, NY

Christina HAGM.jpg

Exploring how [textile] art gets made by visiting New York based textile artists in their studios.


In discussions related to looking and seeing, students learn ways of engaging with [textile] art. 

During this program, we encounter both practical, personal and conceptual ideas and influences; all of which contribute to the professonal life of an artist. 

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