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This project is currently a grassroots, self-funded project. Our plans to begin filming were post-poned due to COVID-19 and we have plans to begin production and distribution again in late 2022.


Woman Interwoven is being created and produced by artist and educator Victoria Manganiello.


Generous and thoughtful contributions have been made by the following friends and colleagues: Kristin Kremers, Marlene Stanciu Herberth, Danielle Piendak, Sarah Moshman, Elissa Auther, Florica Zaharia, Elli Leventaki, Cecilia Palmer, Carolina Arevalo, Whitney Newton, Kait Ebinger, Nora Wang, Rose White, Shradha Kochhar, Taryn Marie DeLeon Mendiola, Iris Roxane Noemie Favand, Giovanna Pedrinola, Olivia Becker,  Michelle Leung and many others.

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